Superloop Fixed Wireless

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  • The infrastructure is configured to provide these speeds with Superloop’s own network. Actual speeds online will vary with internet traffic, servers and routers and is not within the control of Superloop.
  • If you exceed your allocated quota your service will be shaped to 512K until the end of your current billing period. To return to full speed users have the option to purchase Data Blocks and will be unshaped instantly.
  • Don't know how much quota you need? A guide to typical Internet usage, including approximate usage estimates for popular Internet applications can be found here

Our Wireless plans include

  • High security encryption
  • Adelaide-based call centre
  • Fast response time to faults
  • High-speed service
  • No peak/off-peak usage
  • No phone line rental required
  • Shaping speed to 512K
  • Account lifetime hardware warranty for antenna

1 Setup cost is offset by contract length and is based on a standard, residential installation to a single storey premises.

2 The advertised speeds are the maximum theoretical speeds for the chosen plan. Actual speeds may be lower due to many factors including your network configuration, the location and type of content, the number of users simultaneously accessing the network and the performance of third party interconnection infrastructure that Superloop does not monitor or maintain. The maximum theoretical speeds should not be relied upon in making a purchasing decision. Real world usage is unlikely to consistently achieve such speeds, due to the factors described above. Learn more about speeds and performance.